Name: Town Centre Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme
Description: Town Centre Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme

Town Centre Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme

How do you qualify?

New ratepayers occupying certain shops in Dartford High Street, Orchards Shopping Centre and Priory Shopping Centre may qualify for discretionary rate relief.

The qualifying conditions are:

  • Shops must be designated as Use Classes A1 and A3 of the Town and Country Planning Acts
  • The ratepayer must be an independent trader (ie: not a national chain) and either has not occupied any premises in the designated area or has occupied new premises as a result of expanding the business
  • If rent is payable, the landlord must have granted a rent free period of at least three months during the first year of occupation
  • The ratepayer must have applied for and been considered for Small Business Rate Relief before applying for a discretionary award
  • New occupations by charitable organisations will not qualify

What do you get?

Relief will be available (supplementing any award of Small Business Rate Relief) so as to provide total relief of 100% for six months subject to a maximum amount of discretionary rate relief of £2,500 in any financial year.

How do you apply?

Please complete the Town Centre Relief application form.

Last Updated: 21st April 2021