Name: Postal and proxy voting
Description: You no longer have to have a reason to vote by post. If you decide that you do not want to go to the polling station at the time of an election your ballot paper can be sent to you at home or to an address of your choice.

Postal and proxy voting

By Post

You must complete a postal vote application form, which requires your date of birth and personal signature. You will need to tell us how long you want this postal vote for.

Postal votes should be returned to:
Electoral Services Officer C1,
Dartford Borough Council,
Civic Centre,
Home Gardens,
Dartford DA1 1DR

It should also be noted that postal vote packs must be returned by the close of polling hours on the day of an election to be included in the count. Any received after that time will not be included.

By Proxy

You can apply for someone to vote on your behalf. This person is called a 'proxy'.
You will have to give a reason why you cannot vote in person, such as disability or employment and your application may need to be supported by your doctor or employer.

You can either contact the Electoral Services team or follow this link to download an application .

Last Updated: 05th August 2021