Name: Further Housing Information
Description: Information on the five year housing land supply

Further Housing Information

Members of the public can register on the Custom and Self Build Register

Factual Information on National Policy and Housing Supply:

  • Dartford has completed 2,585 (net) new homes over the last three financial years up to and including 2019/20.  This delivery track record results in an official Housing Delivery Test output of 121% (2020).
  • It results in no sanctions of the Test required in Dartford. This means a 5% buffer (only)  applies on the  5 Year Deliverable Housing Land Supply PDF, 543.21 KB, which is maintained with a deliverable supply equating to 5.63 years, fully compliant with national policy.
  • Dartford’s national 'standard method' figure (applied in the 5 Year Deliverable Housing Supply) is 776 p.a. dwellings. This compares with the Dartford Core Strategy 2011 requirement of 585 to 865p.a. dwellings.

To find out more about key long-term sources of housing, see the SHLAA,  the housing density report, or Brownfield Land Register page.

Last Updated: 29th September 2021