Name: New Local Plan
Description: New Local Plan

New Local Plan

New Local Plan: September 2021 Publication

We carried out a consultation on the second Pre-Submission (Publication) Local Plan from 15th September to 27th October 2021.  Please note there were corrections to Table 7 PDF, 102.66 KB of the Plan.  The consultation also included changes to the Policies Map. 

The Plan was republished as we had to make changes to take account of Natural England’s notification of the Swanscombe Peninsula Site of Special Scientific Interest. We also took the opportunity to make other refinements as a result of responses received on the first Pre-Submission Local Plan (published February 2021).

The new Plan will replace the existing adopted Core Strategy and Development Policies Plans. It will guide key planning and infrastructure decisions  by setting out the location, type and amount of new development to 2037, and includes all the key policies to inform planning applications.

Further documents

There are important other documents featured as part of Publication:

The Plan is also supported by studies and technical evidence on residential, infrastructure, commercial development, environmental  and duty to cooperate matters.  You can find these on the Evidence Base page. The Local Development Scheme and Statement of Community Involvement are also relevant and these can be found via the Planning Policy Page.

The Plan reflects significant input from past public involvement.  You can find details of this in the Consultation Statement 2021. The previous Pre-Submission Local Plan 2021, Preferred Options and Strategic Issues documents are available on the Past Consultations webpage.

Last Updated: 11th November 2021