Name: Former council tenants
Description: Information for former tenants of Dartford Borough Council

Former council tenants

Rent arrears payments

If you are a former tenant of the Council, and you have rent arrears or unpaid court costs on your former rent account, you must contact the Council to make an arrangement to clear the debt.

Dartford Borough Council makes every effort to trace former tenants, as it is your responsibility to pay your debt. You will not be rehoused by Dartford Borough Council, or possibly any other social landlord, until you have cleared your arrears in full.

If you fail to clear your debt in full, or to make an arrangement to pay it off by instalments, Dartford Borough Council will take further action against you. This could be:

Referral to a debt collection agency

Debt Collection Agencies trace former tenants on behalf of the Council and will telephone, write and visit you to recover the debt in full. Any proposal you make to repay the debt by instalment payments via the Debt Collection Agency has to first be agreed with the Council.

County Court Judgement (CCJ)

County Court Judgements are orders made by the Court confirming the amount a former tenant has to pay. These Judgement's affect your credit rating and make it very difficult for you to get loans, credit cards and mobile phones.

Attachment of earnings

This order from the Court instructs your employer to repay an amount from your salary each week or month direct to the Council until the debt is repaid in full.


As a final resort, the Council may instruct County Court Bailiffs or High Court Sheriffs to take possession of your belongings. These will then be sold to help pay off your debt.

To avoid these actions being taken against you, please contact us on 01322 343833 to discuss the situation and agree a payment plan.

Last Updated: 14th December 2020