Name: Tenants Looking To Move
Description: Tenants Looking To Move

Tenants Looking To Move

If you would like to move to a different home, but still remain a social tenant, then there are a number of options which are outlined below.

If you want to buy your own property, access shared ownership/equity housing, or rent in the private sector you can find more information on our Housing Option's page.

Mutual exchange scheme

Probably the best way of moving to other social accommodation is to use the mutual exchange scheme. This is open to tenants of local authorities and housing associations and will enable you to move anywhere in the UK if you can find another social tenant to swap your home with.

Downsize for cash scheme

If you are a Dartford Borough Council tenant and want to downsize and move to a smaller property then you can use the Council's Downsize for Cash Scheme. The scheme offers a financial incentive and may help you to find a property quicker than simply joining the housing register alone.

Housing register

To find supported housing or other types of social housing in Dartford, applicants can join the housing register, however you will not be allowed to join if you are a social tenant and you are in arrears. Your home must also be in an acceptable state and you must have permission from your landlord.

Last Updated: 05th March 2021