Name: Prince's tunnel
Description: Prince's tunnel

Prince's tunnel

We have completed one of the first steps towards creating an Edwardian Princes Tunnelvision for Central Park, with the creation of a new walkway between the park and Brooklands Lakes.

The Princes Tunnel, commemorated by a plaque, has been modified to allow cyclists and walkers to pass through. It connects the two open spaces by diverting part of the river Darent away from one of two tunnels under Princes Road and is the first of many improvements to Central Park as part of plans to restore its Edwardian splendour.

Works have also been completed at Millpond Road in the town with a new walkway to ensure the path continues to run alongside the Darent River under the railway bridge.

Both projects are part of a longer term award-winning £multi-million programme with the Department for Communities and Local Government and SUSTRANS to improve the Darent Valley Path's link between the town and the river Thames.

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Last Updated: 20th April 2021