Name: Council works with Prologis to safeguard assets at The Bridge development

Council works with Prologis to safeguard assets at The Bridge development

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2021 10:25am

Since the early 2000s, Dartford Borough Council has been working with a private partner to regenerate the 264-acre site known as The Bridge into a vibrant, environmentally-friendly community for families to live, work and thrive.

The expertise of Prologis, working in partnership with the Council, meant the once derelict, overgrown site was transformed into a brand new Dartford neighbourhood.

Today it covers 1.8million square feet of commercial space, along with hotels, restaurants, homes and community facilities, making it a vital contributor of Dartford’s economy.

Following its successful regeneration, the Council and Prologis’ are now looking into safeguarding some of the site’s key assets, before the partnership comes to its planned end.

Among those assets on The Bridge is The Nucleus business and innovation centre. The building is a joint venture between both partners and therefore consideration must be given to all future possible uses. The Nucleus is managed by Oxford Innovation, the UK’s leading operator of innovation centres.

The Council and Prologis are looking at a number of options to secure future investment to further develop the scheme – in the hope that it can secure further specialist business support services at The Nucleus. Use of The Nucleus as a business hub remains the preferred option for the site, although a planning application has also been submitted for further redevelopment should that be necessary in the future.

Paul Weston, Senior Vice President at Prologis, said: “For over twenty years we have enjoyed a really successful partnership with Dartford Borough Council, and we’re really proud of our work at The Bridge which is now a thriving community and a great place to live.

“As our partnership with the Council is now coming to a natural end, we want to safeguard The Nucleus but must also ensure there is planning flexibility for changes at the site if required and the application to the Council reflects this need.”

Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Borough Council, said: “We have told our partners that we would like to welcome more entrepreneurs to benefit from the facilities at The Nucleus, but at the same time, as a responsible Council, we have to respect the advice they’re giving us which is why the application is going forward which allows for repurposing on the site in the future if necessary.

“I thank Prologis for their commitment to Dartford and all they have done make The Bridge a huge success”

The Council will be working with Prologis, Oxford Innovation and the tenants at The Nucleus, so they can be kept up to date with the discussions, while seeking their views.

The planning application can be viewed via the Council's Planning Portal, via the reference number 21/01225/P3O.

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